FM4400 is the smallest irrigator in the FM4000-series. It was developed in 2015 and will replace the FM4300. The FM4400 has a hose capacity of 550m/100mm or 450m/110mm, and the wheel gauge is only 162cm.

The FM4400 customer can choose between a machine with belts or a hydraulic machine. (FM4400Hydro)

Technical data
Size of hose: Max 550m/100mm or max 450m/110mm
Total length: 850cm
Length: 540cm
Height: 365cm
Total weight with water: 6.650kg
Wheel gauge: 162cm



FM4400 - Brochure
FM4400 - Instruction manual up to and including vintage 2021
FM4400 - Instruction manual for the year 2022 and onwards


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