Lawn irrigation

We do also have small irrigation machines for lawns.

Tractor sprinkler
The little tractor sprinkler is very suitable for lawns. It will follow the garden hose and will stop automatically when it comes to the chock. The tractor sprinkler can pull a 50-60 meter 3/4" garden hose.


Passeggiando Mini 20-30
The irrigator follows the hose, while the hose is rolled on the machine. The machine can go in soft curves around trees and bushes. The hose is 30m/20mm 3/4".
The irrigation will stop automatically, when the machine reaches the end of the hose. 

Passeggiando mini20 30
Passeggiando mini 20-30 - Brochure

Leader 20-40 
The irrigation machine is placed at the end of the lawn. Then you pull out the sprinkler wagon. The machine will pull back the sprinkler wagon while it is irrigating. When the sprinkler wagon gets back to the machine, the irrigation will stop automatically. The hose is 40m/200mm 3/4".

Leader mini20 40
Leader 20-40 - Brochure


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