History of Fasterholt Maskinfabrik A/S

From the very beginning the factory only offered machine repairs, but in 1960 the manufacture of agricultural machines started. In 1975 the factory developed the first irrigator, and it was a great success from the beginning. A year after – in 1976 – the factory changed its name to Fasterholt Maskinfabrik A/S. Today the manufacture mainly consists of irrigators, but also of bale wagons and combine header trailers.
In 2003 we took over the production of irrigators from Bording, which meant that Fasterholt Maskinfabrik became the leading manufacturer of irrigators in Scandinavia. Until now we have produced more than 8000 irrigators.    

Agner Widget
Agner Thisgaard - The founder of Fasterholt Maskinfabrik.

Where it all started.


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