The Fasterholt FM4000 series consist of four self-propelled irrigators with turbine engine. All FM-machines are built with a new undercarriage with a strong rear axle assembly, and they all have electronic control. The FM-machines are known for being very dependable with advanced technic. They are perfect for the quality-conscious farmers.

The advantage of the FM-machines is that they come with extra long hoses and a new developed turbine with big efficiency that ensures energy and very low pressure drop. The construction is very simple, which guarantee minimal maintenance.
The turbine draws an oil pump, which controls an oil motor in the rear axle assembly. This makes it possible to change the speed from 10 to 90 m/hour without further loss of pressure depending on what oil pump you choose.
The FM 4000 series is controlled by a Nortoft electronic control system, which guarantees:
- constant energy
- pre- and after irrigation
- automatic stop by mechanical defects
- timer
- four different speeds
- watch for start time and stop time

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