Minimobil 32


Minimobil 32 is the smallest of the irrigators that we produce here in Fasterholt.
It is build upon the same principles as all irrigators from Fasterholt, high quality and reliability. This irrigator fits perfectly to large gardens, parks and gardenings.

Technical data:
Size of hose: 50m/32mm, 1"
Water pressure needed: Minimum 2.5m3 water by 2 bar. Maximum 8 bar.
It is possible to control the speed and the amount of water.
Weight without water: 105kg.
Width: 80cm/ (with rotor: 120cm)
Height: 105cm
Length: 122cm



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Minimobil 32 - Brochure
Minimobil 32 - Instruction/spare parts


Steen Alexandersen

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Mobile: +45 23 22 90 66
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